About oloo®

At oloo®, we understand how demanding and busy the life of a parent can be. That’s why we strive to innovate products that will make a parent’s life easier.

The Hush-a-Baby™ Pacifier Band was created by a mom that was tired, literally, of having to wake up multiple times a night to replace her baby’s pacifier. In a yearning to get a good night’s sleep, she made a promise to herself that she would create a product that helped all parents get some much needed and much deserved sleep – because parenting is already hard enough as it is. That is where the Hush-a-Baby™ Pacifier Band was created. Finally, a way for babies to independently replace their own pacifier when they wake up in the middle of the night crying out for it.

With every purchase, we help those in need. At oloo® we CARE! 2.5% of all proceeds go to help orphans around the world through charitable organizations.